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  • Benefits

    One Location
    Order and receive real estate related services from multiple providers all in one convenient place – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    One Interface
    CTIec interfaces with many loan origination software products. Data transfer from your system to CTIec allows you to easily order multiple products at the same time. No need to re-key all that data. When you place an order, you can easily add other services from other companies without re-keying property, buyer and seller information.

    Reduced Costs - One location eliminates costly multiple connections and vendor software.

    Eliminate errors and save time. The transfer of data from your system to ours reduces data entry errors, resulting in fewer delays.

    Instant Information - Access, view and print documents and reports at any time, anywhere.

    Share Documents - Share individual password-protected documents with your clients over the Internet!

    Centralized Records – Records for each transaction are stored in one location for a minimum of six months.