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Chicago Title Insurance Company
Chicago TItle and Trust Co.
T hrough the years, Chicago Title and Trust Co. has grown along with Chicago. It was not until the 1920s that the scope of the company's business was extended beyond Cook County, Ill. In December 1930, a small regional office was established in Springfield, Ill. In the late 1940s, Chicago Title and Trust Co. moved to 111 W. Washington St. and continued developing and expanding its extensive statewide organization.

The 1950's was a decade of looking beyond the borders of Illinois. These efforts were so successful that on Aug. 30, 1961, a separate entity was created to do national title insurance business as a wholly owned subsidiary of Chicago Title and Trust Co. - Chicago Title Insurance Co.

Conway Building
world war two pilot Jacob F. Giel In 1947, Chicago Title and Trust Co. moved half a block, to the Conway Building at 111 W. Washington. The building later took the name of the Chicago Title and Trust Co. (CT&T). After CT&T's departure, the name was changed to the Burnham Center.
Victory Topics News Letter From World War II
Company interest in its employees took a more serious form in World War II, when some (like Jacob F. Giel of the Final Examiners department) went into combat and never returned. Banners from CT&T employee newsletters from 1923 and 1942. "The Little Index" was the first employee newsletter and "Victory Topics" was published during World War II.
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